I’ve heard trans women talk about how reproductive rights are a trans feminist issue, because they’re about bodily autonomy. Here is an AFAB (assigned female at birth) person saying basically the same thing, but about how cis feminists need to understand that trans women *are* covered by feminist issues. Read the whole thing, please.

midnight lyric

On Choice, Gender, and Not Throwing Trans Women Under the Bus

Seven years ago, I chose to have an abortion.

Writing this, I hesitated on whether to use that phrasing.  To describe my experience in more specific terms, I was anxious about a possible pregnancy and used an herbal emmenagogue. This is a very different experience from ending a pregnancy that is definitely underway, or from accessing care at a clinic under any circumstances. I have no wish to co-opt other people’s experiences.

I do, however, wish to claim the choice. In many ways, it’s a matter of solidarity; we are in a time when people who have abortions, and people who help, are shamed, attacked, dragged through political mudslinging and used as rhetorical – if not physical – punching bags.  Some part of me (perhaps one of the more self-destructive parts) responds to anti-choice attacks with “you want a…

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