We could use something like this in each location, but in any case, it’s amazing and has already given me tools as an individual in California (where the PIC is very very bad).


1. Fight against the proposed CPS budget cuts. Join a rally on WEDNESDAY JUNE 26, 125 S. Clark, CPS Headquarters, PICKET! 8:30 AM. Download a flyer here.

2. Learn about and advocate for restorative and transformative justice.

3. Join the Mental Health Movement which is fighting to save our existing mental health clinics from closure in Chicago.

4. Interrupt the School-to-Prison Pipeline. Support the Yes to Counselors, No to More Cops in Schools Campaign. Find out more here.

5. Interrupt the School-to-Prison Pipeline. Teach youth how to catalogue police harassment and overdiscipline at school. Encourage youth to join existing coalitions like Voices of Youth in Chicago Education (VOYCE) to organize against harsh school discipline policies that lead to school pushout.

6. Support the young people from Fearless Leading by the Youth (FLY) as they organize to bring a needed trauma center to the Southside that…

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