Mind if I join you?

No, not at all!

There is plenty of room for more of us

Quietly living our lives

Eating, drinking, learning, thinking,

Mind if I sit here?

Of course I don’t mind.

Who could begrudge you

A place at the table?

Should I have said,

It depends–how much baggage will you bring

How much space will you take?

Should I have said,

How many friends will you bring

Loud, inconsiderate,

Thinking that because I live quietly, 

I don’t matter much?

Should I have said,

If I am considerate of you

You must be considerate of me?


In small life I left the table,

Made my anger obvious

Gave them a few awkward moments

Before enjoying themselves.

After all, it is not my table,

Only temporary space for me.

In large life I am the friend invited to the table

Given much space and new ways to live.

In large life my they are still waiting

For them to shut up, to go away,

Whether they are angry or not.

It is not their land, 

(But we can decide what to do with it.)

We need the space to survive,

(So we can make all the rules.)

Why is it so often like this?